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At EscapeOut, we offer a novel experience that you will not find anywhere else.The idea for escape rooms was originally born in Japan and has spread all over the world in the past decade. Here at EscapeOut we have added our own flair to the idea. Every experience at EscapeOut is new, as our hosts will greet you as a character related to your room. Every host gets to put their own spin on their character, so even if you do the same room twice you will still have a different experience. Every one of our escape rooms here at EscapeOut is unique. All rooms are designed and built by our team of amazing hosts. As you play through each room you will be facing puzzles and challenges that you will not find anywhere else. The same hosts who help you through your game are the folks who conceived, designed, tested, and built our rooms. Ask us about our experiences! Since opening in 2017, we regularly change up our rooms to keep the challenges fresh and entertaining. Check back here for announcements about future rooms- and which ones will be leaving, so you can catch them before they’re gone!

An Exclusive Space for You and Your Friends

Each room booking is private so that you can enjoy the ultimate escape experience with your friends and family.

What to Expect

The rules will be explained to your team before you get locked in an escape room. You will be given 60 minutes to explore, investigate, find clues, and solve puzzles to unlock the next mystery and figure out the solution to escape the room. Teamwork and communication are essential to escaping- and for having fun!
Please note that we welcome service animals but pets must stay home. Some rooms have loud noises, flashing lights, or other set pieces that may distress your pet.


Alien Zoo

Welcome to your new life as an exhibit in the Alien Zoo! Intelligent lifeforms from all over the universe come to this intergalactic space station to view less evolved creatures in captivity. Your keepers have done their best to recreate a natural human habitat within your enclosure.

You will spend the rest of your days here being ogled and teased by alien families as you attempt their insulting “intelligence tests.” The aliens think humans are among the most primitive lifeforms in the zoo. Can you prove them wrong? Other humans have been here for some time. Perhaps, if you work together, you can escape the zoo!

Alien Zoo is our next room to be refreshed, so catch it while you can! A new room
will be taking its place in 2024.

  • Team Size: 2 – 10

  • Escape Rate: Easy – Moderate

The Time Machine_rounded_web

The Time Machine (New Room - Now Open)

There’s mischief afoot! A notorious time machine, known as “The Maestro,” is causing chaos in the space time continuum. Despite your best efforts, The Maestro continues to jump through time, wreaking havoc with the fate of the world, and everyone’s perception of it. With help from the infamously brilliant Doc Vector, it is up to you and your team of specialists to hijack the machine, shut her down, and save the universe as we know it!

  • Team Size: 2 – 6

  • Escape Rate: Easy - Moderate


Da Vinci’s Workshop

Leonardo da Vinci was the quintessential Renaissance man exploring mathematics, science, engineering, history, and fine art with equal vigor. He left behind a vast body of brilliant works including many incomplete projects.

It is rumored that Da Vinci was concealing invaluable treasure, and upon his death, the most brilliant minds in the land have flocked to his workshop in the hopes of discovering what is truly hidden behind the legend.

  • Team Size: 2 – 12

  • Escape Rate: Moderate


Malice Manor

Caution: This room is meant to be scary! Secrets can be hidden but never destroyed. This was the harsh lesson learned by the members of the Randle family, whose cursed bloodline came to a tragic and mysterious end nearly a hundred years ago.

Since then, tales of ghostly voices, doors that open themselves, and visions of a little girl have haunted the home. Now it’s up to you to unravel the mysteries of the child whose soul remains trapped there.

  • Team Size: 2 – 12

  • Escape Rate: Moderate - Challenging

Heist society_rounded_web

Heist Society

After your rigorous initiation into the illusive Vox Aurea Society, you’ve been tasked with your first duty as a full-fledged member. A sacred relic has been stolen by our rivals, The Consortium, and it is your mission (should you choose to accept it) to infiltrate their inner sanctum and retrieve the relic with all due haste.

Our intelligence believes there may be hidden entrance to their headquarters within a Travel Agency, but previous efforts to infiltrate the members-only lodge have been fruitless. The business is currently empty, but that will not last long... work quickly to survey the mark, break in, find The Consortium’s inner sanctum, and recover the relic before you and your team are caught red-handed!

  • Team Size: 2 – 12

  • Escape Rate: Moderate - Challenging

Escape Out Age Policy

We welcome children between the ages 10 to 15 with a paying adult who is 18 years old and above. Younger children will have more difficulty with the puzzles. Children aged 15 and above may be in the room by themselves.

Give the Gift of Escape Out Experience

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"My husband and I loved our experience at EscapeOut. The staff were welcoming
and friendly. Great decor, stimulating puzzles, and just had so much fun working
together to figure out the objective. Even when we ran over the time limit, the
staff were super understanding and helpful. Cannot say enough about how much
we enjoyed our time at EscapeOut.
If you are looking for a fun teamwork experience, I would highly recommend this
place. "


"We love escape rooms and have played over 40 games from Palm Springs to
Sacramento. Malice Manor at Escape Out is one of the best ones we’ve ever
been to! The room is immersive, the puzzles are unique and there is a special
element that we have NEVER seen in any escape room! (I can’t say what it is
because I don’t want to spoil it.) Highly recommend Escape Out Folsom!"


“Amazing place to celebrate birthdays or team events or even family gatherings!!!
Very courteous staff and great concept. Will certainly be back to create more
memories ;)"


“We decided to do an escape room for date night and we’re so glad we did! This
was our first ever escape room and we had so much fun. I was surprised how
clever everything was. I really liked how helpful our host was and gave us as
many clues as we needed. Highly recommend!"


“Such a fun escape experience! Very detailed. We had a blast and will definitely
be back! ”


“Went here a while ago and it was a really great experience having a private
room. Heist Society was fun and really challenged us, highly recommend! ”


“Awesome experience! Really appreciated the staff member getting into character
and helping us get immersed in the experience. Definitely will be returning!”


“This was a blast! Can't wait to come back. ”


“This was our first time ever doing an escape room and it was a great experience for noobs. The staff does a great job in getting you submerged into the story of the room! We chose to do the hardest one they offer and the story line and the puzzles were VERY cool and intricate! We can't wait to come back to do more of their rooms!”


“My 16-year-old had a party of five to celebrate her birthday. They had a great time and all they talked about was going back to try it again.”


“We had a fantastic time! We will definitely be back to try another room!”


“Awesome! Totally met my expectations. Great host that played his part very well. Went for my son's birthday. We all had a great time! We almost finished and can't wait to go again. Thanks Escape Out!”


“We have only played the DaVinci workshop, but the ingenuity of the game design
is so unique and challenging!! We're definitely going back!”


“We did Malice Manor and the room was amazing! We had so much fun, and cant
wait to go back for another one. Our game host was great as well.


“We were celebrating my daughter's 17th birthday. what a wonderful family experience! I love that we had to work as a team - we got so close! 🙂 My only suggestion to people is "don't forget your reading glasses!"”


“Excellent adventure, family friendly. Our host was great, my youngest really thought our scenario was for real. The Explanation after was helpful and fun as we realized what we missed, or almost solved. Highly recommend for team building, families, or special events.”


“It was our first time going to an Escape Room and My family and I had a Great time!! I highly recommend going to Escape Out!!!! It was a Great Experience!!! We can’t wait to go back again !!!!”


“We have officially tried all three rooms and have loved the experience. Last night did not disappoint. Our host was fantastic and the room was great. Cannot wait for the new room.”