ESCAPEOUT is all about live action escape room games. Solve clues, puzzles, and tasks in small teams to unlock new secrets and eventually escape out! You have only one hour to unravel the mysteries and save the day. Communication, teamwork, and skills of observation will help the best teams escape out! Click here for FAQ

Welcome to your new life as an exhibit in the Alien Zoo! Intelligent lifeforms from all over the universe come to this intergalactic space station to view less evolved creatures in captivity. Your here for more

Team size: 2 - 8
Escape Rate: Easy - Moderate

Leonardo Da Vinci was the quintessential Renaissance man, exploring mathematics, science, engineering, history, and fine art with equal vigor. He left behind a vast body of brilliant works... click here for more

Team size: 2 - 12
Escape Rate: Easy - Moderate

Caution: This room is meant to be scary!
Secrets can be hidden, but never destroyed. This was the harsh lesson learned by the members of the Randle family, whose cursed bloodline came to a tragic and mysterious end nearly a hundred years ago. ……click here for more

Team size: 2 - 12
Escape Rate: Moderate - Challenging

The last thing you remember was going to bed hours ago, but as you struggle awake, you realize you are in an entirely different place. As your eyes adjust, you feel a deep sense of foreboding……click here for more

Team size: 2 - 12
Escape Rate: Moderate

Enter the lab of Dr. Zylchov, a brillant scientist in 1970s Eastern Europe. You have been sent with a highly critical mission into a laboratory in an abandoned building, and the door is locked behind here for more

Team size: 2 - 6
Escape Rate: Easy - Moderate

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